How they are purging conservative voices and how your support can help us fight back.

After growing over 100k followers on different social media and having a bare minimum revenue stream from Adsense and Facebook Audience Network, we were able to publish quality content regularly. But now, after having invested so much in redesigning our website along with our overall brand identity, they abruptly cancelled all of our revenue streams leaving us hanging by a string.

We are determined to bring quality news stories but de-monetization and de-platforming from Ad networks for no legitimate reason have completely destroyed our revenue stream.

We therefore request our supporters and constitutional conservatives to support us on our mission so that we can compete with the mainstream media on politics. We have different plans to reach out to and educate people by showing them different points of views. We believe that it would make a huge difference in paving a way to get to the truth. 

We need you and your for your support.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or through our contact form here.

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