DC Watchdog is a constitutionally conservative news website designed to expose the corruption of Washington Politicians, shine a light on derogatory ideologies, uncover the truth underneath virtue signaling, educate to protect our unique American freedom, values and liberties, and encourage people to defend our Constitution.

We deliver fact-based news, videos and editorials. And with the truth comes a strong sense of responsibility and urgency to defend our constitutional rights. The same rights which are being devalued, disparaged, and destroyed through selfish and careless liberal policies embraced by the left which were forcefully enacted by the Obama administration and the constant lies perpetrated my the mainstream media to brainwash politically ignorant but curious people. These very same policies which are driven solely by emotions with no critical analysis and the constant out of context lies pushed out by the media are having a detrimental effect on our country, slowly destroying the freedom that the great Martin Luther King Jr. fought for in the 20th century and the foundation that our Founding Fathers built.  We must act now to avoid further and irreparable damage by educating as much people as we can by showing the other side of the coin that they’re hiding.

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Along the way, we hope to reach and inspire other U.S. patriots to rise up — to peacefully revolt against when needed, support as well as criticize our own government and call out the wrong-doers in an effort to save this great country from the wrath of evil and ultimate ruin.

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