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Far-Left Political Commentator Accuses RNC of Donald Trump Jr.’s Book Sales Boost, Fails At Math

“Triggered” sold 70,730 copies in the first week. The second book on the list sold 30,678 copies.

Far-Left Political Commentator Kyle Kulinski accuses RNC for spending $100,000 to boost Donald Trump Jr’s book, “Triggered”, so that the book gets it’s place to number one spot on the New York Times Best Seller.

In the video, he referred to the article from Business Insider in which Republican National Committee spent almost $100,000 for book sales. However, like most far-left ideologues ideologues who can’t do math, Kulinski didn’t do the math nor research to claim his conclusion.

If RNC bought $100,000 of books at $30 a piece, it would mean that 3333 copies were bought by them. However, a report from CNN suggest that, “Triggered” sold 70,730 hardcover copies in its first week. The second book on The Times’ list that week, “Finding Chika,” sold 30,678 copies. Even if RNC purchased $100,000 of books at a 50% discount, it would have bought a little under 7,000 copies.

Kyle Kuliski is the same person who was surprised by the sight he had from a plane of an area of land. It turned out to be a view of farmland. Many people made fun of him suggesting that far-left socialists like him have no clue of the realities of life yet want to dictate everyone else on how to live their lives.

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