DC Watchdog Photo by Andy Feliciotti
Photo by Andy Feliciotti

Spending Bill with Wall Funding Passed by The House

It includes $5.7 billion in border wall funding

With 217-185 votes, the house passes the spending dill with border wall funding. The bill had strong Republican support and no democrat support.

After the president on Thursday declared that he would not sign the bill if it did not include border security funding, the house started a started a new effort to push for the $5.7 billion wall funding. President Trump also had threatened to veto any legislation that is pushed without border security.

The bill also includes $7.8 billion in disaster relief funding. The House Freedom Caucus released a statement on Thursday saying that the Senate must now pass the funding. The Freedom Caucus also urged the president to fight for border security funding on Wednesday night. The chairman of the Freedom Caucus Mark Meadows (R-NC) said that House conservatives will back him if he vetoes any legislation that comes without border security.


Republicans in Congress have continually told the American people that we would fight for wall funding, and today the House of Representatives took its first step toward fulfilling that promise. The Senate must follow our lead. It’s time we do what we said and work with President Trump and the American people to secure our borders.

After the bill passed, Ann Coulter posted a series of tweets saying that the bill with the promises about “border security” isn’t the same as the bill about the “border wall”.


Representative. Scott Perry (R-PA) on Thursday told Breitbart News “Nine Democrats are going to explain to their constituents, their bosses, why they would rather shut down the government than stop the flow of illegal immigrants, human trafficking, and fentanyl and opioids”


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