THROWBACK: Alex Jones Obliterates Piers Morgan on Gun Control

Alex schools him with historical facts and calls him out for ignoring statistics

In 2013, Piers Morgan invites Alex Jones to discuss his petition to deport Piers to the UK for using his show as an outlet for this anti-gun rhetorics in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook.

Alex Jones created a petition that states, “his effort to undermine the Bill of Rights and for exploiting his position as a national network television host to stage attacks against the rights of American citizens.”

Piers Morgan, who is a UK citizen, brings his outlook by stating the comparatively low number of gun deaths in the UK. Jones then call him out for only mentioning gun deaths in the country where guns are already banned and not mentioning the overall deaths in the UK, which is the main point of discussion.

Alex Jones Piers Morgan 2

Jones states that even though the gun sales have spiked in the US in the past 9 years, violent crimes have dropped by 20 percent. Meanwhile, in the UK, the overall violent crimes have tripled in the past 15 years.

Although Piers didn’t get to talk much as Alex would be pounding him consistently, but whenever he did, he repeatedly tried to compare “Gun Crimes” of US to the “Gun Crimes” of the UK. Alex repeatedly corrects his false equivalency by stating that the goal of a nation should be to reduce overall violent crimes and not just “Gun Crimes” as it is obvious that the number of gun crimes would be insignificant in the countries where guns are banned. The question is whether banning guns would decrease the overall crime rates in the country.

The interview mostly turned out to be Alex getting emotional and shouting at Piers. Although Piers remained unusually calm, he was unable to refute Alex’s statistics and whenever he tried, Alex would bury his with facts.

It definitely would have been more appealing had Alex been as calm as the first 90 seconds and hit Piers with facts without getting emotional. But we know how Alex is.

Jones’ petition garnered more than 106,000 signatures at White House’s official website. A counter-petition, which demands the U.S. “Keep Piers Morgan in the USA,” had more than 9,000 signatures. Both the petitions have been removed later.


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