FIFA May Deny The US Bid To Host The World Cup

You Guessed It: Because Of Donald Trump

According to ESPN, FIFA, the governing body of Football (Soccer) says it may deny a joint US/Canada/Mexico bit to host the 2026 World Cup because some of the members do not like Donald Trump.

“The North American bid has had to counter an anti-American sentiment that stems largely from actions taken by President Donald Trump’s administration.” was told to ESPN by some sources close to the members of FIFA.

ESPN points that those demur have come from nations affected by Trump’s temporary travel ban, which also happen to be state sponsors of terror organizations whom Trump allegedly referred to as “sh***ole” countries.

The Daily Wire wrote:

A report on the Qatari World Cup construction effort from the International Trade Union Confederation alleged that thousands of migrant workers were mistreated and even killed while building Qatar’s World Cup stadium. The same report also suggests that Qatar is using a “guest worker” system that is akin to slavery, using indentured servants sent from other countries, like North Korea, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, who are stripped of their passports and forced to toil in horrific conditions.

The answer is simple: FIFA’s issues with the United States don’t stem from Donald Trump, he’s merely a convenient excuse. They’re really angry about the American Department of Justice, which indicted more than two dozen of FIFA’s top officials for bribery, racketeering, and corruption — a conspiracy that originated with FIFA’s decision to award the 2018 World Cup to Russia and the 2022 World Cup to — yes — Qatar.





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