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Kamala Harris Horrified By ‘Slaughter Of Babies’

Yet Supports ‘Slaughter Of Babies’

California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris used the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School to call for gun control.

She was among many democratic lawmakers who used the school shooting in Florida to justify gun control. She tweeted on Thursday calling for the end to the “slaughter” of babies and that gun control “cannot be a political issue” because “our babies are being slaughtered.”


On the contrary, just a few weeks ago, the “pro-choice” senator Harris tweeted that a “20 week abortion ban” was a “constitutional right” and “everyone should be shouting about this.”

There have been over 60 million abortion in the United States since Row vs. Wade passed in 1973, estimates the National Right to Life.

h/t dailycaller.com

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