CNN Viewership drop 30%

Hateful “Anti-Hate” CNN was placed behind MSNBC and Fox News by a mile

The viewership problems for the anti-Trump outlet are breathtaking, especially when compared to its competition. Throughout the week of February 5, CNN could only scrape together an average 674,000 total day viewers. During the all-important primetime hours, CNN averaged only 888,000 viewers.

The anti-Trump mainstream outlet is facing viewership problems compared to its competition. Throughout the second week of February, CNN managed to garner an average of 674,000 views in the day. To put it in perspective, another left-wing media, MSNBC averaged 972,000, while Fox News attracted 1.529 million average viewers.

During Primetime, CNN averaged only 888,000 viewers while MSNBC averaged 1.747 million viewers. Fox News spanked both the networks with 2.605 million viewers.

While retaining its King of the Hill status by a wide margin, Fox’s audience dip was only about half that of CNN’s.

No one can argue that the news cycle is not every bit as intense in February of 2018 as it was in February of 2017. No one can argue that the population has declined.

“So why is CNN imploding while its competition continues to thrive?” ask John Notle.

He says that it could be due to the combination of fake news and hate fatigue.

To begin with, MSNBC does not lie to its viewers. It advertises itself as an openly left-wing network, while CNN — which is even further to the left than MSNBC — continues its ridiculous pose as objective and unbiased.

Worse still, CNN cannot seem to stop lying to its viewers. CNN chief Jeff Zucker has created a veritable Fake News Factory over there, a wildly hypocritical one that has undermined all of its reporting and moral authority. If you are going to pose as a news outlet, your reporting must have credibility. Nobody believes anything CNN reports, nor should they.

Lastly, CNN’s 24/7 contribution to the Climate of Hate in this country is not only dangerous, it is simply exhausting. No matter what time of day you turn the failing channel on, it is TRUMP IS HITLER and REPULICANS ARE RACIST and WORSE THAN WATERGATE and I’M OUTRAGED and I’M STILL OUTRAGED and CHRISTIANITY IS BIGOTRY AND HATE and GIMME YOUR GUNS and MOCK US AND WE WILL DESTROY YOU and GIVE UP YOUR FREEDOM TO CENTRAL GOVERNMENT and TRUMP IS CRAZY and and LET’S WHIP UP SOME VIOLENCE and, finally, LET ME LECTURE YOU ON DECENCY EVEN THOUGH I MYSELF AM A SERIAL LIAR.

Well, that makes a lot of sense.


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