Joe Biden: The Man Who Shot The Texas Church Shooter Should Never Have Had That Gun

He later adds that it is ‘rational’ that some people not own guns.

On NBC’s Today, the former VP of the United States Joe Biden stated that the hero who shot the Texas church gunman should never had the weapon he used to stop the massacre.

Joe Biden responded to a question asked my an audience member to justify the Democrat’s gun control stances — despite the shooter being stopped by a responsible gun owner.

“Well, first of all, the kind of gun being carried he shouldn’t be carrying,” Biden said. “Assault weapons are . . . I wrote the last serious gun control law that was written and was law for 10 years, and it outlawed assault weapons and it outlawed weapons with magazines that had a whole lot of bullets and so you can kill a whole lot of people a lot more quickly.”


Biden continued by saying that it is rational that some people not own guns but that there is nothing that can be done if a crazy person obtains a gun legally.


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