Colin Kaepernick Named GQ’s ‘Citizen of the Year’

The same magazine that wrote an article titled “F*** Ben Carson”

Colin Kaepernick has been named “Citizen of the Year” 2017 by Gentleman’s Quarterly (GQ). They described Kaepernick as the “Man who became the movement”. GQ is the same magazine that once wrote an article titled “F*** Ben Carson,”.

The magazine wrote, “Much has changed in the four years since Colin Kaepernick was last on the cover of GQ. Back then he was a rippling superhero of a quarterback on the rise.”




“But a simple act – kneeling during the national anthem – changed everything. It cost him his job. It also transformed Colin Kaepernick into a lightning rod and a powerful symbol of activism and resistance.”


Kaepernick played the rest of the 2016 season, but then became a free agent after walking away from his contract in San Francisco. Since then, Kaepernick has been unable to sign on with another team. Kaepernick believes that the NFL has conspired to keep him out of the league. Pursuant to that, the former 49er quarterback filed a grievance against the league in October, alleging collusion.


Ironically, Kaepernick’s “Citizen of the Year” award comes after the 2016 presidential elections, where we learned that Kaepernick not only declined to vote, he wasn’t even registered to vote. Citizens normally do those types of things.