Why the left loves Fidel Castro

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“Mirror, mirror, on the wall …” – Evil Witch in Brothers Grimm and Disney’s “Snow White”

“Fidel Castro is dead!”

Donald Trump tweeted those four very appropriate words after learning of the death of the Cuban dictator.

While conservatives and Cuban dissidents in America celebrate, leftists around the globe mourn the death of the brutal dictator.

President Obama issued a three-paragraph statement offering his thoughts and prayers to the Castro family and the Cuban people while making no mention of Castro’s crimes and brutality.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went a step further and issued a statement calling Castro a family friend and “a remarkable leader.”

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein couldn’t be outdone, so she took to Twitter:

Pope Francis was also able to put on his blinders when it came to Castro.

Pope Francis was also able to put on his blinders when it came to Castro. The pope’s hatred for capitalism made him able to ignore the dictator’s professed atheism and his historical crackdown on religion in Cuba. The pontiff expressed his grief and sadness over the dictator’s death in his statement.

When the pope visited Cuba, anyone who called out for help and protection from their brutal ruler was rounded up and imprisoned, or worse.

CBS News celebrated Castro as a hero, again with no mention of his brutality, his murdering people for their “crime” of being capitalists. There is no mention of his human rights violations, total state control of media, imprisonment of political dissidents and harboring of American criminals that define his very controversial reign. Instead, they show positive photos of his magnetism and flattery by dignitaries like fellow Marxist Nelson Mandela. We are treated to his pre-constructed memorial tomb, which they said will be “a greater tourist attraction than any Cuban resort.”

One thing I will say is that at least Castro’s resting place will house ashes, not the mummified remains that were the choice of fellow atheist Vladimir Lenin. I have been there. The Soviets memorialized their patron saint of massacre in the name of utopia in far greater style.

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The left’s ability to be on the wrong side of history would be laughable if it didn’t result in so much misery and death. But why can’t it see the failure of its own ways? Why does the left love Castro and other brutal dictators like him? How can it ignore the suffering of the Cuban people? Are American college students the only ones deserving of safe spaces and free-speech zones?

The same answer applies here as it does to questions about every puzzling stance taken by the left. It does it for political power, and it has nothing to do with “the people.”

The Cuban propaganda machine has painted a rosy picture of Cuban life where the evil capitalist class system of rich and poor does not exist. They claim everyone is equally cared for by a benevolent government and that the evils of capitalism have been kept at bay in the Cuban utopia. Any discomfort is blamed on rich nations still oppressing them.

The goal of government-provided health care for all is regarded as one of Cuba’s main achievements. If the left concedes that it was forced on the Cuban people at gunpoint, the left’s push for universal, government-provided health care in the U.S. cannot be achieved.

The left is able to ignore the fact that the closest we ever came to nuclear war on this planet was when Castro worked with the Soviet Union to place nuclear missiles in Cuba meant to destroy the United States.

They also turn a blind eye to the untold numbers of Cuban political prisoners. The left criticizes Donald Trump for his mean tweets about the press while it eulogizes a dictator who murdered and imprisoned members of the press who were critical of the Castro regime.

More than a million people escaped the prison island of Cuba to freedom, but what were they escaping if the Cuban utopia really existed?

After Brexit, the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president and the majorities just secured in the House and Senate, one might think the Fourth Estate would take a good, hard look in the mirror. What happened? Why aren’t they winning? Where have they gone wrong? How can a worldwide, well-funded, fully connected media/political enterprise like that of the leftist regressives possibly lose so soundly in a world so full of useful idiots, you might ask?

They don’t care to do a self-examination.

They never look in the mirror. They only see the throngs of little people out there waiting to be ruled. And in communism, there are only two roles: Rule, or be ruled.

The elite in media and politics fear the thought of being ruled in any way. Therefore, psychologically, they are left with only one choice: rule.

Castro was a hero to them because he was one of them.

But there is a day of reckoning in the free world. The people have spoken. They are partying in the streets of Miami because a dictator is dead. There is something inherent in the human psyche that craves freedom and intrinsically knows those who threaten it. Throughout history and civilization, people choose freedom again and again. Throughout history and civilization again and again, the elites try to convince people that freedom (capitalism, elective government, national sovereignty, rights such as those in the U.S. Constitution) are all mysteriously dangerous or simply mean.

So chalk 2016 up to a Year of Freedom of the people, by the people and for the people. Brexit happened. Trump was elected with a Congress to back him up. Castro died. Well, and the Cubs won the World Series. The triumph of the human spirit is insatiable when faced with the question of freedom! The mirror is broken, but so is the leftist machine! Don’t tell them. They’re too busy toasting their fairness.

Gina Loudon teams up with her fellow Politichicks in their first blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore

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