UK: Ringleaders of plot to impose Islam in state schools BACK teaching despite ban

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This makes it clear that the whole “Trojan Horse” investigation was a sham. The UK is fine with the Islamization of its schools. And that will be only the beginning.


“Ringleaders of ‘Trojan Horse’ plot to impose Islamic regimes in state schools are BACK in the classroom despite being banned from teaching,” by Amie Gordon, Mailonline, November 27, 2016:

Two teachers banned from teaching after being named as ringleaders in the ‘Trojan horse’ education scandal have returned to the classroom.

Tahir Alam and Razwan Faraz were part of the ‘Park View Brotherhood’ of teachers, which exchanged some 3,000 messages in a WhatsApp group, including offensive comments about British soldiers, the Boston Marathon bombings and the murder of soldier Lee Rigby.

Mr Faraz, a former deputy headteacher of the Trojan-horse linked Nansen Primary School, is under an interim teaching ban, while Mr Alam was banned from any involvement with schools by the Department for Education (DfE).

However it has now been revealed Mr Faraz has been running classes under a different name, and Mr Alam has been teaching children in informal classes.

An investigation by The Sunday Times revealed Mr Faraz runs a Facebook account under the pseudonym Riz Pilgrim, in which he continues to express extremist views.

He has also been running £14 classes in ‘raising emotionally intelligent boys’.

Admitting to running the Facebook page, Mr Faraz told Andrew Gilligan and Sian Griffiths of The Sunday Times his posts had been taken out of context, adding: ‘I am campaigning against patriarchy in a huge way in the Muslim community.’

Tahir Alam became the first person to be issued with a blanket ban by the Department for Education (DfE), which accused him of ‘undermining the fundamental British values’ in September 2015.

Mr Alam, who resigned as chairman of governors at the Park View Educational Trust after 17 years in charge after the Trojan Horse scandal came to light, is appealing to the High Court against the decision.

According to the Times, Mr Alam also allegedly continues to express extremist views on social media and has been teaching children in informal classes at the Khidmat Centre in Birmingham.

He told the paper: ‘I am absolutely suitable for teaching any children, I have done absolutely nothing wrong.’

The Park View Educational Trust was at the centre of the Trojan Horse plot, which came to light following a letter published in 2013 which detailed an alleged plot by hardline Muslims to seize control of a number of school governing boards….

Park View Academy denied the allegations and the governors of Park View Educational Trust described the investigations as a ‘witch-hunt’.

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