TV reporter quits after ‘terrifying’ death threats

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(NY POST) An award-winning television reporter in Denver says she quit her job because her former station did not support her after she got death threats from the subject of a four-part investigative series.

Heidi Hemmat, a former reporter at FOX network affiliate KDVR, detailed in a blog post on Thursday the “downright terrifying” reason she left the station in June after 15 years — saying she learned of the threats from the psychiatrist of a man who allegedly made them after she confronted the man during a four-part fraud investigation.

“I worked very hard to expose this guy — and in the end, I paid a very high price,” Hemmat wrote on her website. “There’s a reason why I’m not saying his name — it’s because I’m still scared of him. Shortly after he learned about the charges against him, that were a direct result of me, I got a call from his psychiatrist. She told me he was ‘homicidal’ and was planning to kill me.”

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