Sweden Evicts Disability, Demential Groups to Make Way for Muslim Migrants

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Organizations in Sweden that serve the physically disabled and the mentally ill better hurry and find new offices, because government officials there are tossing them from their current facilities in order to move in the Muslim migrants.

From Breitbart:

“Sixteen different disability associations are being evicted as the local government has earmarked their premises in central Piteå to house newly-arrived migrants.

“The affected organisations under Sweden’s disability umbrella, which include groups for the elderly and infirm and people with dementia, fear it will be difficult to find new premises that they can both afford and are accessible to the people they help.”

Difficult? That’s probably an understatement.

Muslim migrants in one city in Sweden run by socialists and the far-left have been given priority over the disabled and mentally ill.

Muslim migrants in one city in Sweden run by socialists and the far-left have been given priority over the disabled and mentally ill.

The city’s Cooperative Body of Organizations of Disabled People, or HSO, has rented the two-story building for almost 22 years, providing shelter and services for nearly 3,000 in Pitea.

But oh well – time for new digs, it seems.

And it’s the far-left that is to blame.

Again, from Breitbart:

“The municipality, governed by a Red-Red-Green coalition of Social Democrats, members of the Green Party, and radical Left Party, decided that the premises will be converted into housing for newly-arrived migrants.

“Local government have said the disability organisations can move to a disused school, but different groups fear for how the new location might affect them.

“Elisabeth Eliasson, from the Swedish Rheumatism Association, said it’s easy for members to meet at its current electric wheelchair-friendly location whereas the move would force many people with the disease to have to use public transport.

“Having not been given an idea of what the municipality plans to charge for renting the school, some groups are worried a move could spell the end of their activities altogether.

“Carina Lindegren of the Dementia Association said if it’s too expensive, ‘then our group will cease to continue.’”

She said the municipality shouldn’t have approved the move-in of the Muslim migrants at the expense of HSO.

What’s even more offensive is that in Enkopings, politicians gave the go-ahead to a plan to put Muslim migrants at the top of waiting lists for available housing. That means citizen Swedes trying to find housing will now have to likely wait for months because any available rentals in the city are going to be used for the migrants, Breitbart reported.

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