Secret Islamic State documents seized by US-backed troops reveal CHILLING TERROR PLANS

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The specific threat was to Europe made all the easier with the hijrah – the Muslim migration — to the continent. Hundreds of jihadis entered Europe via the migration just as ISIS warned us they would do.

Secret Islamic State documents reveal chilling terror plans against EUROPE

A TROVE of top secret Islamic State files detailing terror plots on Europe have been seized by US-backed troops in Syria during a covert raid on a terrorist cell.
By Zoe Efstathiou, The Express, November 28, 2016:

Top secret files were seized from ISIS in Syria

The papers reveal details of the jihadis’ plans to attack European countries, including France.

But surprisingly, the intelligence does not outline plots to attack Britain.
The documents were seized in July, but their contents are now being publicised following intelligence-sharing with European security services.

As well as containing potential target sites, the documents also include the names of ISIS financiers, propagandists and overseas supporters.

ISIS jihadis have been plotting more attacks against France

Analysing the documents is helping US-backed forces understand how the terror group operates, enabling troops to destabilise ISIS networks more effectively.

A hub has now been set up at a US airbase in Kuwait, where specialists are studying the intelligence.

Major-General Rupert Jones, the deputy commander of US-led operations, said: “A lot of what we are doing is striking leaders that you have never heard of.

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