Refugees Sent to Lithuania Complain Country’s Too Poor – We Want Germany

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Refugees fleeing horrific conditions in Syria and Iraq and embraced by the European Union for relocation have been complaining that Lithuania, where they’ve been sent, is too poor and doesn’t offer enough benefits and they want to go to another nation, like Germany, instead.

Refugees apparently don't like living in Lithuania because the benefits aren't as generous as other European Union nations.

Refugees apparently don’t like living in Lithuania because the benefits aren’t as generous as other European Union nations.

In fact, fully 72 of 90 refugees from Iraq and Syria given a new home in Lithuania have left, the Express reported. And it’s not just Lithuania.

From the Express:

“More than half of the 63 refugees given asylum in Latvia under its EU quota have also fled, according to an estimate by the Latvian Red Cross. …

“Under EU rules, refugees are forbidden to work or claim refuge in other member states.

“Some destroy their identity documents after leaving the Baltics, in the hope of claiming refugee status anew in richer countries like Germany.

“Refugees have left Lithuania by bus for Germany and claim living in a refugee centre is better than leaving in the Baltic state.”

Benefits are limited for refugees sent to the Baltic states. Lithuania, for example, gives a refugee family of four about 450 euros per month for six months. At the end of six months, their payments are reduced by half.

But as the Express reported:

“By contrast, neighbouring Estonia provides free accommodation for two years in addition to financial benefits.”

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