Read the Quran, guv

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Regarding the Islamic jihad attack at Ohio State University this week, the befuddled governor announced that we may never know the motive for this act of terror.

Perhaps Gov. Kasich could borrow the Quran Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison was sworn into Congress on. This was T. Jefferson’s Quran. Kasich may want to retrace the steps of Thomas Jefferson who absorbed the contents of the Quran to edify himself as to the mindset of this deadly “religion.” Thereafter, Jefferson dispatched the Marines to put an end to the kidnapping and murder of Americans by Islamic pirates.

Kasich could also learn much from voices sounding the alarm of Muslim invasion: Usama Dakdoc, Bridgitt Gabriel, Shahram Hadian and Pamela Geller are but a few of the people knowledgeable in this area. I just hope Gov. Kasich is not relying on Southern Poverty Law Center and Council on American–Islamic Relations for his info.

Robert Blaski

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