Muslim Migrants complain UK housing funded by taxpayers is ‘completely inadequate’

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Never has so much been given to so many who deserve so little.

Half of asylum seekers surveyed said housing provided by the UK government was inadequate.

Half of asylum seekers complain UK housing funded by YOU is ‘completely inadequate’

By Jon Austin, The Express, Nov 26, 2016:

Refugees housed across Birmingham and the West Midlands were quizzed about the standard of accommodation they were provided and a further 17 per cent described it as just “mediocre”.

The properties were provided by G4S, one of three companies hired by the Home Office to provide asylum seeker accommodation up and down the country.

Just 11 percent of people asked said the housing was excellent, eight percent described it as good, and 14 percent said it was adequate for their needs.

The survey was carried out by Migrant Voice, an organization set up to encourage a more balanced and inclusive debate on immigration in Britain.

The number of refugees coming to the UK has swelled since the Syrian crisis.

Problems reported included leaking roofs, broken toilets and infestations of vermin.

Migrants also complained that G4S staff did not take their complaints about housing standards seriously and there were separate concerns raised about possible sexual harassment of refugee women by G4S housing staff.

Could GS4, by any chance, be hiring Syrian migrants to interact with the “asylum seekers” ?

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