MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Recalls Fidel Castro as a ‘Romantic Figure,’ ‘Folk Hero’

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Early Saturday morning, MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews reflected on the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, who passed away late Friday. Matthews explained that initially, Castro was regarded as a “romantic figure” and “folk hero.” “I will remind everybody, certainly people who read about him in history, he was a romantic figure when he came into power, and when he knocked off the corrupt dictator Batista, we American young high school kids rooted like mad for the guy. We thought here was this guy in fatigues with a beard coming in out of the countryside leading a revolution and swept aside this old corrupt regime, and he was going to be almost like a folk hero to most of us for many months. And as Andrea pointed out he would go to ‘Meet the Press’ and go on to the ‘Jack Parr Show,’ which was a forerunner of ‘The Tonight Show,’ Jimmy Fallon’s show. And he would be a figure that you would look up to and say, ‘God, this guy is great.’” But Matthews also pointed to the dark side of the Castro regime, which was pro-Soviet and anti-United States. “Then, of course, he began executing people and join
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