Mika Brzezinski on Elizabeth Warren: ‘I’m Getting Tired of This Act’ — ‘She’s Just Got to Stop’

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Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Mika Brzezinski decried Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) doubling down on her opposition of President-elect Donald Trump from the U.S. Senate floor, which according to Brzezinski wasn’t “very constructive” in her mind. “Do you lead on anger, though?” Brzezinski said. “Because that doesn’t seem very constructive to me. I got to tell you, I love her. I’m getting tired of this act.” Later in the segment, co-host Willie Geist suggested Warren speaking for those that thought “Trump is a disaster,” to which Brzezinski pointed out there were many who didn’t feel that way and that she needed to reconsider her message to be more “inclusive.” “There’s a huge part of the country that doesn’t think so,” she said “And she might want to be a little bit inclusive, instead of sounding like the people she is accusing of being exclusive. She’s just got to stop, I’m sorry. It is getting exhausting. And this was not helpful during the campaign, it just wasn’t. There’s an anger there that was shrill, and a step above what it needed to be — unmeasured and almost unhinged. “It is not going to work, at some point we have to look
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