Media elites’ suppositions destroyed

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As the largest minority broadcast television owner, I have an interesting perspective as it pertains to the news and reporting. Knowing that millions of Americans rely on the local news and print journalist for information pertinent to their respective communities, the media have an obligation to be as balanced as possible in their reporting – but millions of Americans feel betrayed and rightfully so.

No one should doubt that we may be on the cusp of a fundamental realignment within liberal ideology. The extent of a decade of secular decline of the Democratic Party is staggering in its dimensions and implications.

Thirty-three states being led by Republican governors (and perhaps one more depending on the recount results in North Carolina) is the most since the early 1920s. Republicans now control 68 of 99 state legislative chambers, and in 24 states control the governor’s mansion and both houses of the state legislature. This movement toward the GOP at the state level has been fueled by the loss of over 900 state legislative seats by Democrats since 2009. If President Obama has a legacy, it will be the destruction of his own party’s future.

State legislatures are the breeding ground for future mayors, governors and federal legislators. President Obama himself was a state senator four years before he was president.

More importantly, the discrediting of the liberal monolith that is the mainstream media has implications that are unclear, but no less important. Puffed up by its role in supporting the anti-war movement in Vietnam and the removal of a president during Watergate, the media assumed both their influence and ideological certitude as an unquestioned bastion of left-wing propaganda.

Those suppositions have been destroyed in this cycle. Journalists talked and wrote openly of their “duty” not to report the facts, but to oppose – openly and actively – one candidate in highly ideological terms. This bias reporting should be the undoing of the mainstream media as we know it. The media make up the only entity protected by our Constitution because they’re supposed to report the facts to the people and allow the people to discern from reported information their own opinion(s). However, what we see instead are journalist twisting the narrative to fit their own agenda.

Already hard-pressed financially by new media, this credibility-shattering experience must change outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post, lest they risk not just business ruin, but irrelevance.

So much has changed, and much more can change. Trump’s “national populism” promises the revisiting of many of the assumptions of our national politics, and this is healthy. We have been well-equipped by our founders with institutions, mainly the Congress and the Judiciary, to work through these issues systematically and thoroughly. It will be an interesting four years, but the media shouldn’t dictate the future; that must be left in the hands of every single voting American.

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