Matthews: ‘Too Much Romanticism’ About Castro In US, He Wasn’t Good for Health or Ed Of People He Killed

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On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews argued there was “too much romanticism” about Fidel Castro in the US and mocked arguments that Castro was good for education and healthcare by saying Castro wasn’t very good for the health or education of the dissidents he executed. Matthews began that while a lot of people were rooting for Castro after he took over, he “betrayed” that and his own people in how he ran Cuba. Matthews later added that, “[P]eople say, oh, he was good for education and good for healthcare. Well, he wasn’t good for the health of the people he executed, and he wasn’t so good for their education as he ended their lives because they dared to speak — dared to speak politically.” Jose Diaz-Balart then responded to Soledad O’Brien’s earlier comment that Castro was a “dictator” but that there was a “complicated, sort of, list of things he brought, in addition to being a despot, that he brought to Cuba.” And one needs to “peel the layers back a little bit,” in order to understand his popularity in Cuba. Diaz-Balart said, “I don’t really understand peeling the onion, although I know that in Cuba, finding
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