Kurtz on ‘Trump Trauma’: ‘Can We Please Cool It With the Nazi Stuff?’

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Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Mediabuzz,” host Howard Kurtz denounced the various media members and outlets for the name-calling after the results of the presidential election of Donald Trump. “Some journalists and commentators are so overwrought about the new president-elect that they are just going way over the line — suffering from what I call ‘Trump trauma,’” Kurtz said before noting how former Politico editor Michael Hirsh wanted to take a baseball bat to Richard Spencer, and how others, Howard Dean, have called former Breitbart CEO and now Donald Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon a “Nazi.” “It’s fine to criticize Bannon over Breitbart’s incendiary writings, but can we please cool it on the Nazi stuff?” Kurtz asked. (h/t Mediaite) Follow Trent Baker on Twitter @MagnifiTrent
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