Issa Predicts Trump Won’t Interfere With AG, FBI Decisions on Future of Hillary Investigations

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Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Darrell Issa predicted that despite saying President-elect Donald Trump didn’t want to appoint a special prosecutor to pursue charges against his general election opponent Hillary Clinton for her alleged improprities involving her charitable foundation and her unauthorized email server while secretary of state, Trump would get out of the way and allow the FBI and his future attorney general make a determination on how to proceed with regards to Clinton. “I think it’s important that the president do essentially what he does, which is get out of the business of prosecuting,” Issa said. “But at the same time he’s appointed or proposed appointing an attorney general who has a long record of doing his job. And so when we look at Jeff Sessions in concert with FBI and other organizations, they need to do their job, and I think that’s what the where the balance of the next president is going to come is reestablishing the independence of the Department of Justice. If he doesn’t do it, Congress will certainly push for that, but I think you are going to find a president who says let them do their job, stays out
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