Is Nazism going mainstream in Germany?

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The United States has allowed millions upon millions of immigrants, legal and illegal into our country. Thousands of refugees from various world “hot spots” have also been welcomed – by our government, not by the people. Yet, with all these mostly unwanted additions to our population, things have remained relatively calm.

We in America have a decided advantage over our friends and allies in Europe. It’s called geography. We are not only oceans away from most of the globe’s “trouble” spots, but our landmass is enormous relative to any and all European nations.

Like it or not, and you can count me in “not” category, our nation has been able to accommodate this huge influx of population without major upheaval and backlash. And please don’t say that wanting to build a wall and/or deport illegals is backlash. It’s not. What it is, is the law. Those who support a wall and deportation support upholding the law.

Many could say that Trump’s ascension to the presidency is backlash to liberal policies on immigration. True enough, but this as far as it has gone in our country. In Europe, things are beginning to look a little scarier and in some countries, a lot like history repeating itself.

Nations’ leadership, which has encouraged floods of refugees to enter Europe virtually unchecked, has led to the backlash of Brexit in England, major upheaval likely for France in 2017 and yet another go-round of nationalism in Germany.

There is nothing inappropriate about nationalism. There’s nothing wrong with setting your country above others – being proud to be an American, Brit, or Frenchman. But given Germany’s sketchy history regarding “nationalism,” Europe may be wise to begin heeding signs of German neo-nationalism.

Ever since the fall of the party, there have been small, disparate groups of disaffected honkies in practically every country, relegated to the back burner. These Hitler worshipers have been mocked for decades and have achieved no traction or success in pursuit of their Fourth Reich.

The reason for this lack of support by the German people is that these neo-Nazis have never had common cause with masses. But like Hitler preached in the ’30s, Germans are again being reminded that the ruling elites are setting their own interests and agendas above national “self-determination.” True or not, Germans believe they are fast losing grip of their nation and identity, and thus the new Nazism is fast gaining traction, even becoming mainstream.

So much so that the latest TV ad for Germany’s largest supermarket chain, Edeka, contains subtle Nazi tips-of-the-hat.

An innocent-looking Christmas commercial features two vehicles of little interest. Although the vehicles appear mundane, the license plates they sport are anything but.

Far from coincidence, the first plate is seen only momentarily, but is featured prominently in the shot. It reads MU SS420. It is widely known and “illegal to have ‘SS’ in German number plates because it is the common abbreviation of the horrific Schutzstaffel, which became synonymous with surveillance and terror under the Nazis.”

Although the 420 may also appear to be just an arbitrary selection, it is used in neo-Nazi circles as the abbreviation for Hitler’s birthday, April 20. Pro-Nazi groups often use numbers to symbolize references to Hitler and the Nazi party.

The next benign-looking vehicle features another “arbitrarily” selected number plate – SO LL3849. Again, the numbers reveal Nazi symbolism. The numbers 8 and 4 represent HD or Heil Deutschland, while the 3 and 9 symbolize the Nazi party’s warped view of “Christian Pride,” which by extension represents anti-Semitism.

The company insists the use of the series of letters and numbers on these two plates is sheer coincidence, but “the director of Hamburg’s agency of civic education, Sabine Bamberger-Stemmann, believes the messages were deliberately placed.”

I would give them the benefit of the doubt if it were only one plate, but both, and so prominently presented as not to be missed? No way this was an honest mistake. And that’s a scary thing, but so is history repeating itself.

by Brent Smith || Image Credit

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