House Passes Gold Medal For WWII OSS Operators As Secret Agency Veterans Watched from Gallery

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Maj. Gen. William (Wild Bill) Donovan, (retired) New York attorney who headed the U.S. Office of Strategic Service during World War II, is greeted by Maj. General C. L. Chennault on his arrival in Hong Kong, Jan. 3, 1950. Donovan came to Hong Kong to join Chennault in the latter’s claim to ownership of two Chinese nationalist airlines, CNAC and CATC. From left are: Whiting Willauer, Vice President of Channault’s Civil Air Transport airline, Chennault, Donovan, and a minor official in CAT. (AP Photo)
Charles Pinck, president of The OSS Society, said: “General Donovan said OSS personnel performed ‘some of the bravest acts of the war.’ We are very grateful to Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the bills’ sponsors in the House and Senate, and the 393 cosponsors from both bodies for recognizing their bravery with a Congressional Gold Medal.”
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byNeil W. McCabe || Image Credit

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