Glazov: ‘Monster’ Fidel Castro Leaves Blood of Innocents in His Wake

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TOPSHOT - Indian members of Communist Party of India carry placards bearing the image of former Cuban president Fidel Castro during a remembrance rally in Chennai on November 26, 2016.
Cuba's historic revolutionary leader Fidel Castro died November 25 aged 90, after defying the United States during a half-century of iron-fisted rule and surviving the eclipse of global communism. / AFP / ARUN SANKAR        (Photo credit should read ARUN SANKAR/AFP/Getty Images)
Fidel had always derived special pleasure from sending helicopters to drop sandbags onto the rafts of would-be escapees from his prison-island, or to just gun them all down. The Tugboat Massacre, however, proved to be a special delight for him, because there were children involved.
H/T Breitbart
byJamie Glazov || Image Credit

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