Donald Trump Gets Twice as Many Muslim Votes Than Romney Did

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The votes are in, the ballots counted and now starts the analysis – and according to exit polling from the Council for American Islamic Relations, so-called Islamophobe Donald Trump actually received twice as many votes from the Muslim community than his presidential hopeful predecessor, the more moderate-minded Mitt Romney, did during the 2012 White House fight.

Well, that doesn’t seem in line with mainstream media narrative, which says hardline view on Islam are counterproductive to relations with the Muslim communities.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney was decidedly more moderate and less blunt-talking than Donald Trump about Islam,.

Remember, Trump at one point in his campaign called for a ban on Muslim immigration – a point that was later softened to call for extreme vetting of those coming from Muslim-dominated nations unfriendly to U.S. interests. Regardless, the media went wild and slammed Trump as an Islamaphobe, a tag that still shadows him to this day.

But now this, from AOL News:

“Despite campaign rhetoric some called, Islamophobic and calls for a complete ban on Muslim immigration to the U.S., an exit poll of 2,000 voters conducted by the Council for American Islamic Relations found that 13% of Muslim voters backed Trump.

“That is double the Muslim vote that Republican Mitt Romney received in 2012. Hillary Clinton got 74% of the vote.”

CAIR tried to explain it away by noting that while 15 percent of Muslims do self-identify as Republican, the votes were not so much for Trump, as against Hillary Clinton.

The New York Times, meanwhile, suggested it was the Muslim vote that may have actually given Michigan to Trump. Michigan, where Trump won by 11,000 votes, has seen an explosion in Arab population in recent years.

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