Domestic Intel Officer Arrested for Plotting Islamic Terror Attack on Germany’s FBI

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An officer in the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) has been arrested over fears he may have been involved in plotting a terrorist attack on the agency. The arrest of the 51-year-old officer who works for the domestic security agency — equivalent to the FBI — comes after he made a “partial confession” to fellow agents that he was not just observing the radical Islamist scene in Germany, but had also become a part of it, Der Spiegel reports. The revelation has stoked new fears that Islamists may have infiltrated the spy agency which German Chancellor Angela Merkel has recently said the German government would drastically expand in the coming year. According to the confession, he was plotting to bomb the national headquarters of the agency which is located in Cologne. A spokesman for the BfV said, “He is accused of making Islamist remarks online under a false name, and offering internal information during chats.” The man had been at the agency for several months starting in April of this year, and was hired to monitor the radical Islamist scene but admitted he had joined the agency in order to infiltrate it and gather information. Included in the
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