‘Blood everywhere’: Man with AXE on Violent Rampage in UK Town

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Fresh on the heels of the Ohio State University knife attack and ISIS’s recent calls to Muslims worldwide to attack using knives ….

“The man, who cannot be named, is now receiving medical attention.” (RT)

Why can’t he be named? Because he’s Muslim? There have been calls to censor the name of attackers in jihad terror attacks, because that is the last remaining clue that the public gets when Islamic terror occurs. The media has all but scrubbed, censored and whitewashed the motive behind these acts of war — but they haven’t been able to scrub the name. Until now.

Hull has a history of Islamic terrorist activity.

“An investigation is underway and the incident has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which is standard practice in such incidents.”


‘Blood everywhere’ Man with AXE on rampage in Hull shot by police – city put on lockdown

AN AXE-WIELDING man has been shot twice by police after attacking cars in Hull rampage, according to eyewitnesses.
By Vickiie Oliphant, The Express, Nov 29, 2016

Police have confirmed a 31-year-old man was shot by officers at 9.37am this morning, after they received reports of concern for the public due to a potentially dangerous individual.

Witnesses say they saw an injured man, who they believed to be carrying an axe, in the street after hearing what they thought could have been gun shots.

One eyewitness, who was doing a training course at the Case Centre when the incident took place, said: “We’d only been in there a few minutes when we heard two loud bangs some screaming and there was just a big commotion.

“We looked outside and there was a guy with his back against the kerb lying on the floor. There was blood everywhere.

Police at the scene


Witnesses reported hearing loud gun shots

“His jeans were slightly down and you could see his boxer shorts were covered in blood. It’s sad.”At the end of the day whatever he’s done he’s got a mum somewhere hasnt he?”Workman Kevin Hollis,  who was walking back to a nearby site said: “I’ve been told that a guy with an axe was attacking a car, and he was shot twice. He’s dead apparently.”

Police cordon off areaPA

Several roads have been cordoned off

One man, who lives on Caroline Street out walking his Yorkshire terrier, said: “Everywhere you go there’s a copper.

”It must be quite serious. It can’t be an accident because they wouldn’t shut this many roads.”

Police have cordoned off Charles Street, off Freetown Way, while a separate cordon has been placed around the Case Training building.

Fire brigade at sceneRADIO HUMBERSIDE

Emergency services remain at the scene

Police at the scene in HullPA

A 31-year-old man was shot and injured by police

Parts of nearby roads Raywell Street, Caroline Place and Francis Street have also been roped off.

In a statement Humberside Police said: “We can confirm that a 31-year-old man was injured at 9.37am today after shots were fired by officers.

“We deployed armed officers to the Holderness Road area shortly after 9.20am, following reports of concerns for the safety of the public in relation to a man seen near the Post Office in Holderness Road, Hull.

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