Astrophysicist’s ‘insane’ obsession with aliens

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Re: “Did aliens create and maintain the universe?”


I have been watching this cr-p about aliens on H2/Ancient Aliens for years, and they are and have been surprisingly evolutionary in their game.

First it was a theory. Then it was sprinkled with, “It’s fact.” And then it was biblical stuff that was caused by aliens, and then the BIG one: Mary the mother of Christ was impregnated by aliens!

Oh, and it did not end there. Everything in the history of the world was built and done by aliens. Einstein and Copernicus and Tesla, etc., were all genetically engineered by aliens. Every pyramid was built by aliens, as was all of mankind’s tech and forward movements and outcomes of wars. Even though the building of obelisks were recorded on the walls of the tombs of ancient Egypt, it was aliens who built them!

These people are INSANE. Check that professor at Columbia, as he was in the same classes as Obama. That’s absent. These jerks are creative and nonstop with their B.S.!

Jim Sherwood

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