Anti-Trump CEO? Sue him into oblivion

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Matthew Blanchfield, CEO of 1st In SEO, a search-engine optimization company, has established a code of business that states his company openly practices discrimination and xenophobia.

Blanchfield’s position states: “If you are a Republican, voted for Donald Trump or support Donald Trump, in any manner, you are not welcome at 1st In SEO and we ask you to leave our firm. To our Democrat and Progressive clients, we want to recommit to you that we will continue to work diligently to improve your Internet marketing results in this quickly changing world.”

There is no gray area or ambiguity pursuant to Blanchfield’s public articulation of discrimination. His bigotry is condemnable, and his smug intolerance is emblematic of white and/or black supremacists who practice racism and xenophobic exclusion.

A few questions need to be answered here. How does Blanchfield propose to find out who people supported? Does he propose to have perspective clients and/or employees fill out paperwork stating if they are Republican or Democrat? Will he have a questionnaire that demands a person state how he or she voted? What about those who are presently employed or serviced by his company?

Blanchfield claims that the state of New Mexico allows such discrimination, but I can assure you there are is no state in America that allows a business owner to discriminate on the basis of sex and/or color of skin – which, for the record, are exactly the factors that come into play if/when he refuses service to a person. Does he believe the Justice Department Civil Rights Division and/or the office of Human Relations will OK his overt discrimination? If we call upon 1st In SEO for our search-engine optimization needs and Blanchfield refuses, does he really think he will prevail?

Is he so pompous as to believe he can deny employment and dismiss employees because they voted for a person he rejects? Can he discriminate by denying service to blacks, Hispanics, women, or even homosexuals because they voted for and/or support Donald Trump or for belonging to a particular political party? Does he have any idea what he has just opened himself up to?

I know that liberal progressivism is a mind-numbing, self-limiting, mentally debilitating cognitive disease – but in what scenario can this person envision not being sued into oblivion?

Consider: If you are a born-again Christian husband and wife who own and operate a bakery in Oregon – and choose to obey your God by refusing to participate in a homosexual marriage – the weight of government is used to shut down your business.

You are punished for refusing to disobey the tenets of your faith. You are charged with discrimination, and the courts uphold the fallacious charges – despite the fact the bakery did not refuse to do business with homosexuals; the Christian bakery refused to participate in a homosexual marriage.

Brad Avakian, the Oregon politician responsible for bringing charges against the Christian bakery referenced above, argued that honoring the tenets of one’s Christian faith was not sufficient reason to refuse to participate in a lesbian wedding. He argued it was a case of overt discrimination. Are we to understand that Blanchfield’s blatant act of denial of service is a less demonstrable act of discrimination?

We the People have the power to punish those like Blanchfield and literally destroy their bigotry by shuttering their businesses. We should flood his business with calls to service our business needs, and we should make clear our political persuasion if asked. We should seek employment in his company. And when or if Blanchfield followed through on his stated course of sexual, racial, political discrimination, our next move should be to engage lawyers to sue on our behalf.

We need not hide nor be ashamed of our actions. Our actions would not be unlike what liberal groups have done oftentimes by sending people who are not financially qualified and or credit worthy to rent or buy certain properties. When said persons are denied, the groups bring legal action against the property owner. Blanchfield’s actions are akin to those of property owners who refuse to rent to blacks, single women or homosexuals. It is in direct violation of the Civil Rights Act, and he should be severely punished.

It is time for those of us who believe in freedom to become as intolerant of this type of behavior as progressives are intolerant of constitutional propriety.

It doesn’t take a massive organizational effort to undertake this action. It simply requires persons willing to do it. We should confront Blanchfield’s company and Starbucks and every other company that mistreats us and/or denies us service, with legal action.

We have the power and the ability to teach people like Blanchfield the error of their ways. It is past time that we stop crying, complaining and wringing our hands, and take action to end this discrimination.

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