3 secrets to making America great again

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump

President-elect Donald J. Trump and his all-star team are now fully engaged in the arduous task of preparing to “Make America Great Again” after Trump is inaugurated in January.

Yet, as the wise old 19th century adage goes, “America is great because America is good.”

Thus, while Team Trump can make great strides toward restoring America – unleashing robust economic growth, rebuilding our depleted military, repairing damaged infrastructure and so on – what about repairing the damaged American soul? Who’s going to heal today’s toxic culture, morality and values? What will restore the American family that is disintegrating – fatherlessness being the prime indicator of every societal plague, from criminality to drug addiction to suicide? What about Americans’ increasing abandonment of the faith that once made America great?

To virtually all past generations of Americans, the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount served as the moral foundation for an extraordinarily decent people and a prosperous and blessed society. For America to be truly great again, it must be good again. And goodness is simply not something any government can give us.

So, how do we “make America good again”?

One voice widely acclaimed for pointing the way back to national and personal sanity is bestselling author and WND Managing Editor David Kupelian, whose trilogy of culture-war blockbusters – “The Marketing of Evil,” “How Evil Works” and “The Snapping of the American Mind” – provide a virtual roadmap back to American goodness – and thereby, to greatness.

These three books are among WND’s most popular of all time, but right now, during the 2016 Christmas season, they are being made available at the lowest price EVER, to enable those who haven’t already gotten Kupelian’s popular books (or who would like to share them with others this Christmas) to do so easily.

“David Kupelian is one of the very few must-read writers in the 21st Century.” – Dr. Ted Baehr, Chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission, and publisher of MovieGuide®

Book 1: ‘The Marketing of Evil’

First in the trilogy is Kupelian’s culture-war classic, “The Marketing of Evil.”


Millions of Americans today accept ideas and behaviors that would have horrified all previous generations. Why?

Why have thousands of years of Judeo-Christian values and moral standards suddenly been abandoned? What’s behind today’s divorce epidemic? Why is public prayer being criminalized? Why are 3,000 innocent unborn children aborted daily? In this widely acclaimed exposé, Kupelian reveals the brilliant marketing strategies that have turned America upside down.

Within the space of our lifetime, he writes, much of what Americans once almost universally abhorred has been packaged, perfumed, gift-wrapped, and sold to us as though it had great value. By skillfully playing on our deeply felt national values of fairness, generosity, and tolerance, these marketers have persuaded us to embrace as enlightened and noble that which every other generation has regarded as grossly self-destructive – in a word, evil.

With well over 400 five-star Amazon reviews, many readers’ comments are like these:

  • “Opening this book is like turning on the Sun. … Mr. David Kupelian has written a remarkable book that reveals how the American public has been taken down the slippery slope of moral relativism.”
  • “I finished ‘The Marketing of Evil’ over a month ago. It absolutely changed my life.”
  • “Prepare to see your world with new eyes!”
  • “The way Kupelian writes is phenomenal. … Give this book to everyone you know, you’ll thank me.”
  • “This book has put a powerful voice to many things that truth-loving people in America have felt in their spirits for a long, long time. … I for one am forever changed.”

Watch former “Saturday Night Live” star Victoria Jackson talk about David Kupelian’s books:

Book 2: ‘How Evil Works’

For many people, “The Marketing of Evil” redefined the “culture war” by documenting how today’s most destructive social agendas were sold to Americans through brilliant marketing.

In the sequel, “How Evil Works,” Kupelian trains his high-powered microscope on the most sensational and vexing problems confronting Americans today – the attempted socialist coup d’etat in Washington, D.C., resurgent Islamic fanaticism and terror, the rise of militant atheism and paganism, ever-expanding sexual anarchy, the “narcissism epidemic” and much more. He explores with remarkable clarity not only what is causing all the chaos, confusion and corruption in modern America – but how to overcome it.

Subtitled “Understanding and Overcoming the Destructive Forces That Are Transforming America,” “How Evil Works” was introduced to the nation by Sean Hannity, who says: “David Kupelian is one of the most thought-provoking and iconoclastic writers I know.”

In “How Evil Works,” Kupelian demonstrates his uncanny knack for demystifying complex, elusive, and intimidating subjects with fresh insights into the hidden mechanisms of seduction, corruption and power politics. Diving into today’s most electrifying news stories – from terrorism and school shootings to high-profile sex scandals and political dysfunction – Kupelian explores such profoundly troubling questions as:

  • How does terrorism really work?
  • Why do so many politicians and entertainment celebrities end up self-destructing?
  • Why are big lies more believable than little ones?
  • Why are boys doing worse in school today than girls?
  • Why do we treat mental-emotional-spiritual problems like anger and depression with drugs?

Listen to Sean Hannity’s interview with David Kupelian about “How Evil Works”:

“With the unapologetic outrage of a saint and the fearless fury of a General Patton, here comes David Kupelian turning a blowtorch of good upon the putrid cobwebs of evil. Do you remember removing the back of a clock to look into the workings? In ‘How Evil Works,’ Kupelian lets us look directly into evil itself. There it is – every tick, every tock, every trick, every shock. Kupelian doesn’t rest with ‘Sunlight is the best disinfectant.’ He prefers the scorch-light.” – Legendary radio talk-show host Barry Farber

“Thoreau said, ‘There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.’ In his tour de force ‘How Evil Works,’ WND Managing Editor David Kupelian strikes at evil’s root with devastating effectiveness, building on the revelations in his classic best-seller ‘The Marketing of Evil.’” – WND founder, editor and CEO Joseph Farah

Book 3: ‘The Snapping of the American Mind’

The third book of the Kupelian trilogy is the recently released “The Snapping of the American Mind: Healing a Nation Broken by a Lawless Government and Godless Culture.”

snapping-of-the-american-mind-coverAmerica the Beautiful, writes Kupelian, has become America the Bizarre. Government openly defies the law, Christians are prosecuted as criminals, children “transition” to the opposite sex, the president supports our enemies, a lying career criminal almost succeeded him in the White House – and 130 million Americans depend on mind-altering substances just to get through life.

Turbocharged by the Obama presidency, long-coalescing forces of the political and cultural left have been bringing about their much-heralded “fundamental transformation of America.” That much everyone knows.

But this revolution has also been causing a fundamental transformation of Americans – in profoundly negative ways. Fortunately, this unique book penetrates right to the core of the problem and likewise explores the most inspired solutions.

David Kupelian shows how the progressive left – which today dominates America’s key institutions, from the news and entertainment media, to education, to government itself – is accomplishing much more than just enlarging government, redistributing wealth, and de-Christianizing the culture. With the left’s wild celebration of sexual anarchy, its intimidating culture of political correctness, and its incomprehension of the fundamental sacredness of human life, it is also, whether intentionally or not, promoting widespread dependency, debauchery, family breakdown, crime, corruption, addiction, despair, and suicide.

And while all this is happening, the same leftist elite not only denies the existence of a rapidly metastasizing terror army sworn to destroy us, but encourages it by its reckless and perverse policies.

Surveying this growing chaos in American society, Kupelian exposes both the utopian revolutionaries and their extraordinary methods that have turned America’s most cherished values literally upside down – to the point that madness is celebrated and normality demonized.

In “The Snapping of the American Mind,” you’ll discover:

  • How the Left has succeeded in redefining not just “marriage,” but the rest of Americans’ core values, from “equality” to “justice” to “freedom”;
  • Why America, unquestionably the least racist nation on earth, is now being portrayed as a deeply racist pariah state;
  • Why the United States is intentionally being flooded with millions of needy, dependent, Third World immigrants;
  • How a group that amputates healthy body parts and has a 41 percent attempted suicide rate is officially declared “normal,” yet new “research” suggests conservatives have malformed brains;
  • Which of the two major U.S. political parties has a far higher incidence of mental illness;
  • Why Americans today are more stressed-out, confused, conflicted, and addicted than at any time in the nation’s history – and where this ominous trend is leading.

Fortunately, “The Snapping of the American Mind” also explores how America truly can be restored to her former, and still underlying, goodness and greatness – and just as important, how individuals, despite living in an age of high anxiety, moral confusion, and growing chaos, can find genuine happiness and personal healing.

“David Kupelian’s ‘The Snapping of the American Mind’ chronicles the decline and fall of America and shows that it is no accident, but rather a direct result of progressive misrule—an eye-opening, scary and galvanizing book.” – Dinesh D’Sousa, author and filmmaker

“Kupelian points the way to national and personal renewal.” – The late Phyllis Schlafly, author, lawyer and founder of Eagle Forum

“This book is a stunning exposé of all that is evil and delusional in the Liberal-Progressive plan to destroy the American miracle. A moral tour de force!” – Lyle Rossiter, M.D., forensic and general psychiatrist and author of “The Liberal Mind”

“Maybe once in a generation are we so graced with a communicator like David Kupelian. His matchless ability to unpack the complicated issues of our day with absolute crystal clarity is nothing short of genius.” – Matt Barber, author, columnist, constitutional law attorney, editor-in chief of BarbWire.com

Laura Ingraham, interviewing Kupelian on her radio show, said: “David’s a compelling writer, and the way he presents the narrative of what’s happened to our political psyche, our spiritual psyche, all of it, is really compelling. It’s a page-turner. I really urge you all to get this book.”

Hear David Kupelian interviewed by talk superstar Laura Ingraham about “The Snapping of the American Mind”:

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